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Alternate positions now available on the Borough’s Land Use Board

Interested in serving your community? Well, there are two openings for “Alternate” members on the Land Use Board. What’s the Land Use Board??? Well….

The Land Use Board is a joint Zoning/Planning Board and is considered a quasi-judicial body, separate from and independent of Borough Council. The “LUB” meets monthly (on the third Wednesday) and is responsible for hearing zoning variances and planning matters to determine whether the proposed construction or activity is consistent with the Land Development Ordinance adopted by Borough Council. The LUB is also responsible for “re-examining” the Master Plan (updating it essentially) every ten years. The LUB consists of the Mayor, one member of Borough Council, one public official who is not a member of the governing body, six citizen appointees (one of which may be a member of the Board of Education), and up to four alternate members (who are also citizen appointees). Terms are for 3 years (Alternates serve for two years) and the Mayor appoints the members. (Note: Alternates serve as substitute members in the event any of the six citizen appointees are unable to attend a meeting.)

Due to recent vacancies, Mayor Michelle Arnold will be appointing up to two alternates in the coming weeks. For consideration please contact Mayor Michelle via email at or by leaving a message at Palmyra Borough Hall at 856.829.6100.

For more information please go to: