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“Boom” parties and loud music from Philadelphia…

The following information is provided by Palmyra Chief of Police Meghan Campbell and is being shared with residents of neighboring communities.

A meeting was held last week in regards to the “Boom” parties and loud noise being heard from across the river. Here is the summary posted in different FB groups:

Meeting Update:

The meeting was held at 4:00pm on 10/13/2020 at the Palmyra Community Center, the following towns had representation to discuss the noise problems:

Philadelphia Police




Gloucester City


In summary, we learned a lot from Capt. Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department in regards to the amount of dedicated manpower and resources the Philadelphia Police have been allocating toward this issue already. Also, this problem does not just center on Boom parties, but it is a major contributor to the issue. The goal of all the towns involved were to create a long-term plan that would minimize the noise from traveling across the river. This plan includes enforcement, but we are also looking at other long-term ideas such as:

  • Gathering accurate intelligence of the areas from which the noise is generating from.
  • Communicating all of our complaints in real-time to the Philadelphia Police to maximize efforts.
  • Seeking out grants to help us financially to create noise reduction methods.
  • Listening to the public’s complaints in an open forum (practicing social distancing of course).

The group discussed many options collectively and we will continue these conversations until our goal is met. The important thing to remember is that your voices are being heard and we are making progress but make no mistake that this is not an overnight process. We realize that this issue has been ongoing for some time already, but I can assure you that we are taking this very seriously. If anyone were to hear the statistical data that has been gathered, the resources and actions of the Philadelphia Police already dedicated to the problem, and the passion Capt. Walker has for solving this problem, you would be impressed.

Please do not be discouraged if your municipality was not at this meeting today because we are doing this for everyone, not just the ones represented today. We will say that for future meetings held, more municipalities should send a representative so that your town’s individual complaints are heard. We, along with a lot of other municipal leaders, will continue to monitor this Facebook page to document your complaints. When we have more information to pass along, we will post it asap. We are currently finalizing a unified way of reporting the noise complaints so that you won’t have to call two or three different phone numbers for immediate action.

Finally, no matter how much you want to, please DO NOT take matters in your own hands and drive over the bridge to confront them.