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Does It Never End! PSE&G to replace gas mains — more Borough roads to be impacted!

PSE&G notified Borough officials on June 14th that nearly 3 miles of roadways in the Borough will see gas main replacements over the next five to six months. The project is scheduled to start on July 10th.

Coming on the heels of extensive water main replacement projects undertaken by NJAW, this project could have a significant impact on our roadways; affecting commuters, businesses and homeowners. The entire length of Broad Street is included in the project scope.

Other streets in our community will also be impacted including Cinnaminson Avenue, Horace, Parry and several others.

Horace Avenue in particular will be hard-hit as NJAW only recently completed a major project there that proved very disruptive to the neighborhood. New curbs and asphalt paving were scheduled to be installed on Horace but that project will now have to be placed on-hold until PSE&G completes their gas main replacement project.

The Borough recognizes the impact to our residents but unfortunately there is not much we can do until they are complete. We will however, make every effort to ensure that both NJAW and PSE&G repair our streets and curbs and leave them in much better condition than they found them. The Borough also intends to repair and/or replace curbing and asphalt in these areas that NJAW and PSE&G does not.

Affected residents will receive letters and door hangers from PSE&G in advance of their work.

Thank you for your patience.

To see a map of the areas receiving new gas mains please click HERE.