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Legion Field is open to families, kids and walkers for casual use! Youth athletics to resume per Governor’s orders with restrictions!

GAME ON! Legion Field is open! Subject to Governor Murphy’s restrictions that is…

Casual use of the Borough’s parks and playgrounds by families, kids and others wanting to get out and enjoy this beautiful late-spring weather is now permitted per Executive Order 152. Additional detailed guidance has also been provided under New Jersey Department of Health’s Guidance for Sorts Activities.

Basically, the total number of individuals permitted at any of our parks is limited to 100, which is not an issue, but 6′ social distancing should still be maintained (except for families and smaller groups), and masks are still required in some cases and strongly recommended in others.

Unfortunately however, the restrooms at Legion Field will have to remain closed until further notice given rigid sanitization, disinfection and supervision requirements.

And per the lawyers, we have to tell everyone that uses public facilities that they do so at their own risk.

But other than that, please HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOURSELF!

See article in BCT on 6/15/2020:

For organized youth athletic programs however, there’s still limitations and a process…

Governor Murphy, speaking during a Monday news conference on Monday, June 15th, issued a set of rules for organized sports to restart; following is what the Governor announced about high school and youth sports:

  • Golf and tennis can resume competitions on Monday, June 22
  • Baseball, softball, soccer and outdoor basketball can resume, but they will be limited to non-contact drills and practices only beginning on June 22. Competition can resume on July 6th.
  • Non-contact football drills can resume on June 22 and full practices and competitions should be able to resume by July 20th.
  • Screenings must be conducted for players, coaches and staffs.
  • Equipment sharing will be limited.
  • Strong requirements for sanitization and disinfection will be imposed.
  • All gatherings must abide by requirements for outdoor gatherings.
  • Signs and tape should be used to assist with imposing social distancing requirements.
  • Staff, parents and visitors must wear face coverings at practices and games.
  • Players should – but are not required to – wear face coverings during downtime, but they should not wear them while they’re involved in physical activity.
  • Athletes and staff must get a temperature check and bring their own water bottles.
  • Larger teams should be divided into smaller groups during drills and practices, and practices should be staggered.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association will be issuing guidelines for school athletics programs, which is expected by June 19th with summer workouts starting about July 13th.

Youth athletic organizations are encouraged to contact the Borough’s Scheduling Coordinator Michele Sykes for full details and requirements at 856-829-6100 ext. 301, or via email at, and complete the appropriate application.