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Borough Hall Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Tax Collector's Office: Open until 6:30 PM on Mondays
Tax Assessor's Office: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Mondays

Presidents’ Day 2017 – Borough offices are closed on Monday

Both President’s Day and George Washington’s birthday are always celebrated on the third Monday of February. This year that’s February 20th.

The observed federal holiday is actually called George Washington’s Birthday. Certain states, however, list the holiday as Presidents’ Day

Although George Washington’s birthday is officially celebrated on February 20, he was actually born on February 11 in 1731! How can that be? To learn more visit The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Borough offices are closed for Presidents’ Day. The Regular Borough Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 PM instead.

By the way, February 12th, was President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday! Happy Birthday Honest Abe!!

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this weekend!!!!