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UPDATE: Burlington County Energy Aggregation Program

An update on the Burlington County Energy Aggregation Program!

Update provided by Commercial Utility Consultants, Inc., paid consultants to Burlington County…

To date, the BCEAP has saved residents $80,722 on their September energy bills. (Breakdown for September: $74,338 for PSEG customers, plus $4,133 for JCP&L and another $6,383 for ACE customers.)

While this is the case, PSE&G customers might notice on their recent bills that the PSE&G supply rate was lower than the TriEagle supply rate. This was due to a reconciliation charge issued by PSE&G which temporarily lowers the default supply rate for a month.  The reconciliation was significant enough to reduce the default rate for the month of October and November lower than the rate obtained by the county in the auction.

As the energy aggregation program promised, the TriEagle supply charges will never exceed the utility supply charges. As such, we have worked with the supplier to ensure all PSE&G residents who experienced the increase will receive a credit for the differenceTo that end, TriEagle Energy began issuing credits to residents’ accounts last week.  These credits will appear on residents’ next utility bills under the supply portion of the bill, labeled as “MISC Adjustment”.   

It should be noted that the TriEagle supply rate remained lower for JCP&L and Atlantic City Electric customers.

We anticipate as the weather gets colder the PSE&G monthly reconciliation rate charge will adjust back to the historical  averages and the County’s Program rate with TriEagle will continue to be below the average, like it was in September, providing additional savings to our residents.

In an effort to assist your community with these questions, please direct your residents to contact us directly with any questions and concerns at 1-855-200-2648.  We are here to assist you during this time.