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Borough Collects Trash In Riverfront!

The Borough began curbside trash collections in the Riverfront at Palmyra community today. This is the beginning of a process to eventually phase out reliance on Republic and other contractors and transition to self-performing trash collections throughout the entire community.

The goal is to improve service, reduce customer complaints, and reduce costs. And today we accomplished all three!


The following were received from residents this morning:

“What a pleasant surprise to see the bright white Palmyra trash truck. Good luck to the crew. 😀🚚  Palmyra proud!!!!” “I’m so very glad we took this bold step.”
Marie Kraus


“Dear Mayor Tait, Just want you to know that we were very happy to see a “Borough of Palmyra” truck pick up our trash this morning at around 8:30 a.m. (We are in The Riverfront at Palmyra) So far, so good! ”
Gloria Bernstein & Miriam Confer


Curbside collections began this morning in the Riverfront at 7:00 AM and wrapped up with the new truck and crew on its way to the county landfill by early afternoon.

The Borough purchased two refuse trucks earlier this year: a state-of-the-art automated side loader (ASL), which we utilized today, and a more traditional rear load truck with two cart tippers as backup. Below is the ASL in action this morning and after arriving at the landfill.

Next week meet the crew!

We have to say, for trash trucks, they are BEAU-TI-FUL! (The crew is too, lol.)