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Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM - Noon

Tax Collector's Office: Open until 6:30 PM on Mondays
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Borough Ordinances & Resolutions for January 2014

During the Annual Borough Council Reorganization Meeting on January 6, 2014 newly-elected Borough Council members Michelle Arnold and Adam Nowicki were sworn into 3-year terms of office.  Councilmember Carol Riener was elected Council President and sworn into a 1-year term.

This page is intended to give Borough residents an overview of official actions taken by the Governing Body during January 2014.  There were two meetings held this month; the Annual Borough Council Reorganization Meeting on January 6th and the Borough Council Regular Meeting on January 27th (postponed from January 21st due to snow).  At the bottom of this page you will find official actions from previous months.  For more information please see Borough Council’s Meeting Agendas and Minutes by clicking HERE.

The following Ordinance was Introduced & Adopted.

Ordinance 2014-01:  An Ordinance of the Borough of Palmyra providing for improvements to and the acquisition of equipment for use by the Borough’s Sewer Utility, appropriating $4,529,000 therefor, authorizing the issuance of $4,529,000 in Sewer Utility bonds or notes of the Borough to finance the same.  This Bond Ordinance authorizes up to $4.529 million of capital improvements to the Sewer Plant and sewer infrastructure, as primarily approved by the NJ DEP Environmental Infrastructure Trust Program.

The following Resolutions were Approved.  Please note that more routine matters were conducted as well.

Resolution 2014-01, confirming the Mayor’s various appointments.

Resolution 2014-02, appointing Bowman & Company LLP, as Auditor.

Resolution 2014-03, appointing Ted Rosenberg, Esq., as Solicitor.

Resolution 2014-04, appointing William Kirchner of ERI as Municipal Engineer.

Resolution 2014-05, appointing Dave Gerkens of CGP&H as Grant Coordinator and Planner.

Resolution 2014-06, appointing CGP&H as Administrator of the Palmyra Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Resolution 2014-07, appointing Andrew Smith, Esq., as Prosecutor.

Resolution 2014-09, appointing James Fattorini, Esq., as Public Defender.

Resolution 2014-10, appointing ERM as Environmental Engineer/Consultant.

Resolution 2014-11, appointing William Kirchner of ERI as Sewer Engineer.

Resolution 2014-12, appointing Mark Ruderman, Esq., as Labor Counsel.

Resolution 2014-13, appointing Capehart & Scatchard as Bond Counsel.

Resolution 2014-14, appointing Brian Monaghan of TC Irons/Haines & Haines Insurance Agency as Risk Management Consultant.

Resolution 2014-15, appointing John Gural as Burlington County JIF Fund Commissioner.

Resolution 2014-16, appointing Barbara Sheipe as Burlington County JIF Alternate Fund Commissioner.

Resolution 2014-17, appointing John Gural as Burlington County JIF Claims Coordinator.

Resolution 2014-18, appointing Tracy Kilmer as Burlington County JIF Safety Coordinator.

Resolution 2014-19, appointing Mindie Weiner as Lead Tax/Sewer Clerk and General Clerk.

Resolution 2014-20, appointing John Gural as Administrator.

Resolution 2014-21, appointing John Gural as Acting CFO until February 3, 2014.

Resolution 2014-22, appointing Donna Condo as CFO/QPA effective February 3, 2014.

Resolution 2014-26, creating an Ad hoc Committee for Public Events and appointing Gina Tait as Chairperson.

Resolution 2014-27, appointing Crossing Guards.

Resolution 2014-28, appointing John Gural as Hearing Officer for Non-uniformed Employees and Rovbert Verry as Hearing Officer for Uniformed Employees.

Resolution 2014-29, appointing Special Law Enforcement Officers.

Resolution 2014-30, authorizing 2014 Temporary Budget.

Resolution 2014-31, approving 2014 Cash Management Plan.

Resolution 2014-32, fixing the rate of interest on delinquent taxes, sewer payments and assessments.

Resolution 2014-33, awarding Maintenance Contract for Wastewater Treatment Plant to MMC in the amount of $123,561.00.

Resolution 2014-34, awarding Wastewater Collection System Repair Contract to Root24, Inc. in the amount of $24,996.00.

Resolution 2014-35, awarding Generator Preventative Maintenance Contract to GenServe, Inc., in the amount of $4,465.00.

Resolution 2014-36, awarding Transportation and Disposal of Sludge Contract to Franc Environmental Inc., in the amount of $0.0785 per gallon.

Resolution 2014-37, awarding HVAC Maintenance Contract to Air Systems Maintenance, Inc., in the amount of $18,616.00.

Resolution 2014-40, appointing Tom Ryan as Clean Communities Coordinator.

Resolution 2014-41, appointing Tom Ryan as Recycling Coordinator.

Resolution 2014-42, appointing Tom Ryan as Stormwater Coordinator.

Resolution 2014-43, appointing Dale Palmer to Buildings & Grounds Department.

Resolution 2014-44, appointing Kareemah Press as Finance/Payroll Clerk.

Resolution 2014-45, amending Article 11.14 of the CBA with the Palmyra Police Association (maintaining 2013 side-job rate of $65.00/hour).

Resolution 2014-46, appointing Kareemah Press as Fair Housing Officer.

Resolution 2014-47, appointing Tracy Kilmer as Housing Official.

Resolution 2014-48, adopting The Borough’s Emergency Operation Plan, which includes the Flood Warning and Response Plan.

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