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Borough’s Engineer Awarded Project of the Year!


ERI’s VP William H. Kirchner awarded Project of the Year by the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers

ERI’s Neil Werket, Vice President William Kirchner, and Katherine Villacis


Environmental Resolutions, Inc (ERI) recently received the “Municipal Design Projects Under 20,000 Award” from the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers (NJSME). ERI received this award for its work in Palmyra Borough on the Temple Boulevard Improvement Project. This project provided a unique solution to a long-time flooding problem while simultaneously restructuring a previously confusing intersection. The solution was none other than a Rain Garden.

At the intersection of Temple Boulevard, Firth Lane, Leconey Avenue, and Second Street, there was once a sea of asphalt. During a storm, the nearby storm pipe would often overflow making this impervious covering the perfect spot for rainwater to collect. This would lead to severe flooding and a massive headache for nearby residents. In addition, the intersection of these four roads often left locals and passersby alike confused on how to navigate through the area. The professionals at ERI, in coordination with the Borough, decided that any solution needed to address both problems. This eventually led to the creation of the Temple Boulevard Tidal Garden.

This new decorative garden, outfitted with a 30,000+ gallon underground stormwater storage system, not only gives excess stormwater a place to go, but helps reconfigure the layout of the previously puzzling intersection. This project took two seemingly unrelated problems and found a way to solve both in an economical fashion, which is ultimately what won it the award from the NJSME.

Gina Tait, Mayor of Palmyra Borough, had this to say about the project “The Firth Street and Temple Boulevard project was needed to alleviate the flooding in the area. Bill (William Kirchner) designed a plan that would serve as a resolution to the drainage and as a beautification of the area. The Borough of Palmyra and its residents are very pleased with the outcome of the project and look forward to working with Bill to make Palmyra a great place to live.”

ERI handled engineering design, the preliminary traffic studies, construction management/oversight, landscape architecture and most importantly, helped acquire a federal grant to help fund this project.

William Kirchner, Vice President of ERI and Project Manager, had this to say “The challenging aspect of the project was identifying the underlying drainage problem. Heavy rain overwhelming the conveyance system was not the issue. The underlying tidal impact of the Delaware River had to be discerned before the solution could be devised. In the end, it was exciting to work on a project that successfully minimizes so many long-term significant issues in an existing developed area.”


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