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Borough Hall Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM - Noon

Tax Collector's Office: Open until 6:30 PM on Mondays
Tax Assessor's Office: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Mondays


Municipal Clerk, Registrar of Vital Statistics

Doretha (Rita) Jackson, RMC, CMR
(856) 829-6100 ext. 124
(856) 829-4096 fax


Deputy Municipal Clerk


Municipal Clerk Duties and Responsibilities:

The Municipal Clerk serves as the:

Secretary of the municipal corporation and custodian of the Municipal Seal, as well as all minutes, record books, deeds, bonds (performance or other), contracts and archival records of the municipal corporation, and provides public access to government records for both inspection and duplication;

Secretary to the Borough Council, who prepares meeting agendas at the discretion of the Borough Council, attends all meetings of the Borough Council, and provides for minutes of every meeting, as well as preservation of all ordinances and resolutions;

Chief Elections Officer in all elections held in the municipality and Chief Registrar of the Voters in the Borough;

Administrative Officer responsible for the licensing for taxis and vehicles for hire, liquor licenses, dogs and cats, and games of chance.

Additionally, the Clerk’s Office is here to assist you. If you have a question about the Borough Council or any issue related to the above, please call or e-mail our office.

Dog and Cat Licensing

A yearly license and registration are required for every dog and cat over 6 months old. Licenses may be obtained from the Borough Clerk by January 31st of each year. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required. Dog licenses are $8.20 for neutered dogs (show proof of neutering when obtaining first license), and $11.20 for non-neutered dogs. Cat licenses are $3.00 each. A $5.00 surcharge is added to all licenses after May 31. For information about licensing and registration, or about our free rabies clinic, call the Borough Clerk at 829-6100 ext. 124.