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Did You Know… (#1)

…that portable basketball nets are not permitted on the curb or street?

Why? Because any obstruction in the Borough’s right-of-way, other than legally parked vehicles, are prohibited! Obstructions like portable basketball nets and landscaping that extend over sidewalks and curbs interfere with public access, take up sorely needed parking spaces, and prohibit proper stormwater drainage! (And that last one is a biggee with all the rainfall we’ve had, which has contributed to higher ground water levels and basement flooding throughout our community!)

So, when we recently received a complaint from a resident about a portable basketball net blocking their regular parking space it became necessary for our Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the provisions of our Municipal Code addressing these otherwise fun and innocuous “recreational structures.” Unfortunately, and in order to be fair to everyone, 24 residences throughout the Borough had to be noticed accordingly — and another 20 residences received notices about overgrown landscaping in the public right-of-way (think tripping hazards on sidewalks!).

Please, if you ever have a question or concern about Code Enforcement, or you receive a violation notice and simply need more time to address it, please call Code Enforcement Officer Mike Lunemann at 856-829-6100 ext. 139 and he’d be happy to help you. Or visit Mike’s page on our website at for more information.

For future reference Chapter 237 of the Code of the Borough of Palmyra, Article VII, Recreational Structures, reads:

§ 237-40 Encroachment on public rights-of-way
No person, corporation or other entity shall erect or maintain any basketball backstop or similar structure or portion thereof that may be used for recreational purposes in such a manner that the same extends upon or overhangs any street, alley or other public right-of-way in the Borough of Palmyra.

Want to learn more? Click HERE to read more about that portable basketball net, which is hopefully in your driveway!

Did You Know… is first in a new series of articles to help educate our residents and business owners about Palmyra and what makes us tick. Look for a new article posted here, on our website, every week.