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Did You Know… (#10 – Downtown Parking)

…that Jon Stewart, famous stand-up comedian and former host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, once said about parking; “Get there early because hope does not park your $%#@& car.”

Spot on, and thoroughly understood by the Governing Body, which is why they’ve been considering amendments to our parking ordinances that primarily affect our downtown business district. In an attempt to make parking opportunities as fair as possible for all stakeholders, especially considering the limited number of spaces available, Borough Council is inviting the public’s comments.

Please click HERE to read the letter mailed and hand-delivered to downtown businesses and property owners, and residences on potentially impacted streets.

Following are the proposed amendments to § 90-6 Time Limit Parking, of the Code of the Borough of Palmyra, which can be found at Please refer to the map below for street names/descriptions and orientation.


NORTH BROAD ST. (aka Main Broad)
North side (businesses side)

Two-hour parking; Firehouse to Morgan Ave – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Sunday

Fifteen-minute parking; two locations

  1. One of four horizontal spots in front of Palmyra Pharmacy (E. Broad St.)
  2. One in front of Dollar Store (W. Broad St.)

Handicapped parking; two locations

  1. One in front of Santander parking lot – first spot (E. Broad St.)
  2. One at Firehouse – first spot (W. Broad St.)

No parking on Fridays – 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM (For street cleaning purposes – the Borough may consider making this day coincident with trash collection day.)

South side (RR tracks side)

No restrictions (Can be amended in the future to include parking for employees of businesses/other needs after period of monitoring parking activity.)

No changes proposed across from Firehouse – parking not permitted


SOUTH BROAD ST. (aka Little Broad)

  1. Broad St. (West of Cinnaminson Ave.)
    North side (RR track side – across from Borough Hall/Community Center)

No changes proposed

  1. Broad St. (East of Cinnaminson Ave.)
    South side (Wawa parking lot/Kaffir Thai side)

Two-hour parking from Wawa parking lot to Garfield Ave.

North side (RR track/Light Rail Station side)

No changes proposed


CINNAMINSON AVE. (West side of 500 block where parking is currently permitted.)

Two-hour parking from N. Broad St north to end of last business/beginning of first residence – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Sunday

No restrictions from first residence north to 5th St. (One-hour parking restriction to be eliminated.)

Fifteen-minute parking; one location – spot closest to N. Broad St.


BOROUGH PARKING LOT (Encompasses both parking areas)

Entrance only on Cinnaminson Ave.

Entrance/Exit on Leconey Ave.

Three-hour parking – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Sunday



No restrictions (Eliminate time limit parking on 600 blocks of following streets: Chestnut, Garfield, Highland, Lincoln, Morgan, Parry, Walnut and Washington.)

New time limit parking on the following:

  1. Two-hour parking on west side of 600 block of Parry Ave. (Curb line adjacent to War Memorial Park – no restrictions on east or residence side.)
  2. Two-hour parking on west side of 600 block of Garfield Ave from S. Broad St. south to first residence (Across from Islamic Center of South Jersey.)


North, Little, West, Main Broad St??? Where in the Sam Hill am I???

Click HERE to see a map explaining all the names for all the Broad Streets!


Did You Know… this is the tenth in a series of articles to help educate our residents and business owners about Palmyra. Look for a new article posted here, on our website, every week, or two 😉

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