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Did You Know… (#2)

…that the Borough recently spent $58,470 to replace a stuck valve at the Sewer Plant that was jam packed with a mass of – wait for it – baby wipes!

Along with sanitary napkins and food waste!

How is that possible?  Because residents and businesses flush all sorts of things down the toilet that shouldn’t be put into our drainpipes!

What can you do to help? Well, start by not flushing the following down your toilet please!

NO paper towels of any type

NO disinfecting wipes of any type

NO baby wipes or adult wipes of any type (the box may say “flushable” but they may clog your sewer pipe and damage plant equipment)

NO Swiffer products of any type


NO baby diapers

NO feminine hygiene products

NO grease, oil or food waste


NO needles (yes, we get lots of them!)

These products are damaging our sewer pipes & pumps. And they can clog your sewer line — many of which are old and brittle — and require expensive plumbing repairs!

What can I flush down the toilet??? Well, since you asked….

Interested in learning more? Read this exciting REPORT from our Sewer Engineer, William Kirchner of ERI, describing the super compelling, action-packed drama with the stuck valve. This should be required reading for everyone that uses a bathroom! Bill really knows his, er stuff! And he’s lots of fun at parties too!
Did You Know… this is the second in a series of articles to help educate our residents and business owners about Palmyra and what makes us tick. Look for a new article posted here, on our website, every week.


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