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Did You Know… (#8)

…that you can be fined up to $500 for not picking up “waste matter expelled from the bowels of a pet”??? (Yeah, that’s those lawyers again. But we keep it real in my house by just calling it dog poop.)

And repeat poop offenders could even spend up to 30 days in jail! Talk about a crappy rap!

Chapter 74, Article VII, Pet Waste of the Code of the Borough of Palmyra establishes the requirements for the proper and immediate disposal of pet waste to protect the public health, safety and welfare of our residents and the environment.

And no person owning or in charge of any dog “shall allow such dogs to soil, defile, defecate or commit any nuisance upon any public or private property whatsoever.” (That sounds like something Charlton Heston decreed in the movie Moses.) Check out Article III, Nuisances by Dogs for the gritty details…

Psst, here’s my fav line from the dog nuisance ordinance; “The deposit shall be properly wrapped, packaged or protected so as to prevent unsightly disposal or smell…” The deposit? Like this is a bank transaction…

Dog feces is not lawn fertilizer! Curb your dog please and then pick it up! And please keep your dog on a leash! And avoid jail! Easy peasy!

It’s simple folks; just respect your neighbors please — that’s all we’re asking.

And help the environment too! Did you know dog poop is toxic and the third leading cause of water pollution!!! And that just 1 gram of dog feces contains 23 million fecal bacteria! Ewwww!!

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Did You Know… this is the eighth in a series of articles to help educate our residents and business owners about Palmyra. Look for a new article posted here, on our website, every week, or so 😉

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