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Borough Hall Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM - Noon

Tax Collector's Office: Open until 6:30 PM on Mondays
Tax Assessor's Office: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Mondays

Local Business Directory

Please support our businesses!

Glenn W. Auwarter, LLC 700 Cinnaminson Ave, Ste 102
William R. Nichols IV, CPA 201 E. Spring Garden St
Torres Tax Service 103 West Broad Street, Ste. #1
Arts and Music
Muse Tattoo & Art Gallery LLC 3 East Broad Street
Phoenix 15 Studios 100 E. Broad Street
Guitar Guild and Academy of Performing Arts 329 Cinnaminson Ave
Musik Haus Studio 111-113 W. Broad St.
Adam’s Auto Body 115 Market Street
Advantage Auto Service 121 East Broad Street www.AdvantageAuto.Biz
Advantage Driving School 121 East Broad Street
Auto Store LLC 1250 Route 73
F.C. Kerbeck & Sons 100 Route 73 North
Frank’s Auto Service/CFG CORP 500 Route 73 North & 5th
Frenzel’s Auto Repair 711 Public Road & New River Rd
Joshua Motor Car Company 13 Market Street
Koz’s Auto Repair 301 South Rt. 73
Rt. 73 Automall Inc. 105 Rt. 73 South
TCR Warehouse 705 Rt. 73
Winters Automotive 816 Cinnaminson Ave
Xavier and Silva Car Repairs 237 West Broad Street
Eagle Detail & Cosmetic 201 Rt 73 South, Unit 5
Star Cars LLC 703 Rt. 73 South
Santander Bank, N.A. Broad and Garfield Ave
Commercial & Industrial
Gemini Linen Rental/Gemtex 610 Public Road
Murphy & Read Spring Mfg. Co Inc. 617 W. 6th Street
Philadelphia Sign Company 707 West Spring Garden
Theodore E. Mozer, Inc. 601 West Fourth Street
Armotek Industries/Parmarco 701 Roto Avenue
Callahan Chemical Co Broad & Filmore Ave
Massara Metals 131 West Broad St
Pamarco Global Graphics 1 Roto Avenue
Airtech Sheet Metal Corp 620 Jefferson Street
Rescom, LLC 304 Market Street
Construction, Home Improvement & Landscaping
Foley Insulation 112 East Broad St
Cornerstone 531 Cinnaminson Avenue
Sovereign Electric 526 Cinnaminson Avenue
Eastern Environmental 732 Public Road
Barry’s Home Improvements 615 Garfield Ave
Basements Love Us, Inc. 519A Cinnaminson Ave
A. Brooks Roofing 701 West 5th Street
RCR Electrical Contractors 209 West Broad St
Bradshaw Electric 816 Cinnaminson Avenue
Park Tavern 701 Park Avenue
Batter’s Alley/All-Play 527 Morgan Avenue
5 West Pub & Restaurant – formerly Curran’s Irish Inn 5 West Broad Street
Food Markets
Dunkin Donuts/Jimit Donuts Inc. 1252 Rt. 73 North
Fresh Farm Market/Saligram Inc. 201 East Broad Street
WaWa 600 Cinnaminson Avenue
Basic Convenience Food Store 1007 Market Street
Country Fresh Market 9 East Broad Street
Fresh Produce 427 West Broad St
Palmyra Dollar Plus Mart 11 West Broad Street
73 Food Mart & Smoke Shop 700 Rt. 73 North
Gas Stations
Palmyra Sunoco/Guru 213 East Broad St
Palmyra BP (ARFA) 700 North Rt. 73
Palmyra Getty (ARFA) 19 Route 73 South
Palmyra Astro (ARFA) 1105 Rt 73 South
Hair Services
Bill’s Barber Shop 543 Cinnaminson Ave
Cutting Edge Salon LLC 533 Cinnaminson Avenue
Harper’s Classic Cuts 531 Cinnaminson Avenue
Quality of Excellence Hair 535 Cinnaminson Avenue
Tony’s Barber Shop/Father & Son 525 Cinnaminson Ave
Wise Choice Barber & Braid Lounge 11 East Broad Street
Schwerings Hardware, Inc. 309 East Broad Street
Health Services
ABBA Pregnancy Center 257 West Broad Street
Apple Chiropractic 100 East Broad Street
Advanced Palmyra Dentistry 15 West Broad Street
Rupert C. Hartmann, D.O. 943 Cinnaminson Ave
Napoliello Chiropractic 829 Cinnaminson Avenue
Palmyra Pharmacy 1 East Broad Street
Nutritional Wellness Center 1 Cinnaminson Avenue
Dr. Alan Rosenzweig, D.O. 917 Cinnaminson Avenue
Seeds of Hope Cinnaminson Ave
Palmyra-Cinnaminson-Riverton EMS 125 West Broad St
Quality Mgmt. Assoc. Opportunities in Action 700 Cinnaminson Avenue
Home Goods
Sweet Dreams Bedding & Furniture LLC 201 Rt. 73 South
Close Out City Cinnaminson Avenue
Anthony Jewelers 17 East Broad Street
Balfour 516 Cinnaminson Ave
Wash Line Laundromat 213 West Broad St
Parry Street Assocs. Inc. 124 Maryland Avenue
I’ve Got The ‘Scoop’ 1005 1005 Market St.
Pawber Shop LLC 519 Cinnaminson Avenue
Purrsonal Space Cat Lounge 1005 Market Street
DeVece & Shaffer, Inc. 400 Legion Ave
Real Estate
Century 21 Advantage Gold 527 Cinnaminson Ave
Endurance Abstract 700 Cinnaminson Ave Ste 12
Bethany Lutheran Church 617 Morgan Avenue
Central Baptist Church 514 Maple Ave
Christ Episcopal Church 638 Parry Avenue
Evergreen Baptist Church 602 West 3rd St
Holy Spirit Cathedral Inc. 21 West Broad Street
Hispanic Pentecostal Inc. 510 West Broad St
Miller’s Temple Church of God 519 Kennedy St
St. Paul U.A.M.E. Church 305 West Third St
Islamic Center of S. Jersey 612 Garfield Ave
5 West Pub & Restaurant – formerly Curran’s Irish Inn 5 West Broad Street
Kaffir Thai 16 East Broad St
The Soup Bar 307 West Broad Street
Franco’s Café 818 Cinnaminson Avenue
Great Taste 111 East Broad St
Nick’s Pizza Express 1003 Market Street
Kove Catering 519 Garfield Avenue
Jeny’s Java Joint 529 Cinnaminson Ave
Bacio Catering / Manny’s Sicilia Ristorante 17 West Broad Street
Mama Homemade Cookies 537 Cinnaminson Avenue
Anthony Jewelers 17 East Broad Street
Mr. Bill’s Bicycles 9 West Broad Street
JT’s Vac & Sew 211 East Broad St
Creations of Joy 319 East Broad St
Parker’s Flower Shop 602 Parry Avenue
RogerWilco 600 North Broad St
The Tuxedo Club 520 Cinnaminson Avenue
Rogers News 15 East Broad Street
Angies Shoes, Inc. 619 Madison Street
Closeout City Broad St & Cinnaminson Avenue
Palmyra Liquor Store 19-21 East Broad Street
Tracy Swimming Pools, Inc. 9 West 2nd Street
JT’s Vac & Sew 211 East Broad St
Mayfair Travel 816 Cinnaminson Ave
Mr. Bill’s Bicycles 9 West Broad Street
Rock Solid Tree Services 401 West Broad St
Harbour Cleaners 113 East Broad
Jean’s Alterations/Jin Hua Yan 535 Cinnaminson Avenue
Nix and Tunsil Funeral Home 410 Market Street
Office Project Solutions, Inc. 616 Jefferson Street
Maids of Honor/RAL Ind 227 West Broad St
Tracy Swimming Pools, Inc. 9 West 2nd Street
Eastern Environmental 732 Public Road
Little Friends Co-Op Nursery School 617 Morgan Ave