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Time Sensitive Information-Palmyra’s Housing Rehab Program now accepting higher income limits!

The Borough just increased income levels for our Housing Rehabilitation Program, which will now enable more families and homeowners to qualify.  For a family of 4 the new income limit is $84,300.  For complete details see the Program Flyer below.

If you live in Palmyra, own your home and your total household annual gross income falls below the income limit for your household size, you may be eligible to participate in the Program.  Up to $20,000 in assistance is available for replacement or substantial repairs to major systems in your home including roofing, heating, electric, plumbing, foundation and windows. Wheelchair accessible remodeling and weatherization energy savings are also eligible!

It’s first-come, first-served!

Program funds are structured in a combination of interest free, forgivable and deferred loans for eligible applicants. Specifically, eligible participants will receive a deferred loan for half the rehabilitation costs and a forgivable loan for the other half of the rehabilitation costs.  These loans will not require a monthly payment and will never be charged interest.

For more information call 609-664-2783