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Senior Fire Safety


Palmyra Bureau of Fire Prevention cares about its seniors and those physically challenged. As in the past, the fire marshal will come out to your home and change the batteries or the detectors in your home for FREE.  Please, do not hesitate to call (829-1096) to schedule a date and time.

More people over the age of 65 died in accidental house fires in New Jersey than any other age group. Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to fire – they are slower to respond to emergency situations (often due to not only any physical impairments but also due required medications). Consequently, seniors should do everything they can to prevent accidental fires from starting in their homes.

Check below to see how safe you are and how much safer you can be…….

FIRST, look at the 4 Leading Causes of Fire at Home:

1. Heating sources, like furnaces,  woodstoves and space heaters.

2. Cooking

3. Electrical issues

4. Careless Smoking


Do you have smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

• 80% of all fire deaths take place in residences not equipped with working smoke detectors.

• Smoke detectors have a life of 10 years. If your smoke detector is older please call the fire marshal’s office to receive new ones FREE of charge. I will install them for FREE also!

• Have new smoke detectors. That’s a great start but they need to have new batteries every year. I will also come out and replace the batteries FREE of charge. Please call for an appointment.


Do you Smoke in the House?

• A leading cause of death for the elderly in New Jersey is careless use of smoking materials. NEVER SMOKE IN BED OR THAT COMFY ARMCHAIR! It’s just tool easy to fall asleep, especially at night, when you’re on medication, or when you’re not feeling too well.

• Don’t push ash trays on the bed, sofa, or the arms of chairs. There’re easy to knock over. Place them on a sturdy surface such as a table, where there less likely to be knocked over.


Be Especially Careful Around the Stove

• To work safely in the kitchen, store all flammable and combustible items away from your stove; roll back long , loose sleeves or fasten them with pins while cooking; remove any towels hanging on oven handles, and if towels hang on a rack too close to the stove, remove them.

• Watch curtains that could land or blow onto the hot cooking surface.

• Keep pot handles turned inward,

• Use pot holders or mitts.

• Take a minute and set a timer, or take some kind of reminder with you that you have something in the oven or on the stove.


Do you Use Alternative Heating Sources

• Lets be honest heating our homes isn’t getting any cheaper. But we must observe fire safety basics:

• If you use a space heater please keep at least 3 feet around it clear of combustibles.

• You should have your unit serviced by a heating professional

• Always have a carbon monoxide detector outside your sleeping areas.