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Water-usage based commercial sewer bills are in the mail!

Commercial / industrial property sewer bills are in the mail.

UPDATED: Friday, 10/17/2014.  The Borough has converted to a water-usage based billing system for commercial and industrial property sewer fees.  This change is being made in order to make our billing system more equitable and to encourage water conservation.  Your sewer bill will contain complete details but for more information please click HERE and see below.  Still have questions?  Then please call our Tax Office at (856) 829-6100.


Sewer fees for Palmyra seniors reduced.  Residential fees remain flat.  Commercial and industrial sewer fees converting to water usage-based billing.

UPDATED: Wednesday, 09/17/2014.  Residential Sewer Bills are in the mail.  A full explanation of the Senior Discount is included with your bill, which also includes a letter from Mayor Karen Scheffler.  To see Mayor Scheffler’s letter please click HERE.  Still have questions?  Then please call our Tax Office at (856) 829-6100.


ORIGINAL POST: August 19, 2014:

During the Regular Borough Council Meeting on Monday night, August 18th, Council unanimously supported legislation that reduced sewer utility fees for senior citizens by an additional $20 per year.  The discount comes on top of the $30 per year discount eligible seniors already receive as part of the income-based senior citizen deduction.  Seniors who are permanently and totally disabled also receive the $30 deduction.

All seniors are eligible for the new deduction however.  Ordinance 2014-11 reads:

Every person, a citizen and resident of the Borough of Palmyra of the age 65 years or older as of January 1st of the billing year, for their primary residence only, shall be given a credit of $20.00.

To receive the additional $20 discount, senior citizens simply need to show proof of age.  More information will be provided when sewer utility bills are mailed later this month.  Sewer rates for other residential customers will remain at $350 per year, or $175 for the second billing period.

To see Ordinance 2014-11, Schedule A: Residential Units, please click HERE.  To see Chapter 215, Sewers (of the Code of the Borough of Palmyra), in order to see original information related to sewer fees, please click HERE.

In related news, the governing body also approved amended sewer fees for commercial and industrial customers based on their water usage.  The new billing system is intended to more equitably distribute sewer fees based on a businesses impact on the sewer plant.  Water usage, which has a direct impact on the sewer plant, is the best way to measure those costs.

Mayor and Council were considering water usage-based sewer fees for residential customers too but found that approximately 25% of homes in Palmyra were without water meters.  Residences in Palmyra Harbour, Korman Suites (Willow Shores) and River Villas, only have one meter per building rendering it impossible to determine individual water usage in those locations.

To see Ordinance 2014-11, Schedules B, C & D please click HERE.